Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog.

This is going to be my fifth attempt at maintaining a blog. Maybe this will finally stick?

If this is your first time seeing any content from me, then welcome! I am Mirai. I'm (at the moment)  a pretty sporadic content creator and I maintain a small community.

As of writing this blog post I'm 21 years old and I'm currently a university dropout. In the time I have now I work on getting consistency in creating content for YouTube, Twitch and other platforms. This blog being one of those platforms.


I started live streaming as a casual hobby around 2013/2014. I used to stream a bit of League of Legends, but I wasn't serious about it at all. It was just a hobby for me. I also had a YouTube channel that I uploaded gameplay videos to from either streams or recordings I made of when I played games by myself. I really had no community back then and my communication whenever I published was well... worse than it is now!

The time after that is a bit of a blur. But thanks to past me for keeping a somewhat decent archive I do know that I basically didn't stream much (or at all) in 2015, but I did stream again in 2016!

Somewhere in 2017 I replaced my old brand, Subject4S, with "Mirai.". This wasn't originally supposed to be a rebrand for me as a content creator, but for me as a developer. I was developing a futuristic platform-like game in Unreal Engine 4 and a friend of mine suggested this for the name. I stopped developing the game shortly after, because of time constraints and lack of proper assets. I did create another cinematic in UE4 that caused my gameplay channel to get banned and I created a video game for biology in it as an assignment.

During all of this I created a Discord account, back in 2015. I met a lot of people on it and I made my own server in 2016 and opened it up to the public in 2017.

osu! Tournament Life

The same year I opened the server to the public I was asked to stream for an osu! tournament and I got in contact with this fantastic community of people hosting community tournaments. And I thought:

I want to do this too.

So I got in contact with a friend that knows people in the community and we made a tournament, called Mirai. osu! Summer Tournament 2017. That tournament was a great success and I learned a lot from everyone when it came to tournament management, bracketing etc. I hosted two more tournaments after that: Mirai. osu! Winter Festival 2017 and the Mirai. Idol Tournament 2019. The former was pretty much a disaster on multiple fronts, but I learned from it. The latter was a small tournament that I used to test out a concept of verifying players using their Discord accounts. This was pretty successful and I am building upon that implementation for usage in future tournaments.

The Present & The Future

As of now I have a few channels that I operate from mainly: Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Twitch and this blog. I've been learning from various content creators on how to improve my video creation skills and increase the production quality of my live streams using my existing tools.

I have a few goals set to reach by the end of 2020 in regards to my growth on social media and this blog!

So yeah, this is pretty much who I am, what I've done in the past and I'm doing right now.

I hope you'll enjoy future posts!

These are my social media channels:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/miraisubject
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/miraisubject
YouTube: https://youtube.com/mirai-s
Discord: https://mirai.gg/discord

P.S. I still don't know what to put in the SEO metadata so that will still be a mess...

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